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A Good War !

Historian Jacques R. Pauwels attacks the widely held belief that the Second World War was the "good war," the war in which the US led the forces of democracy and freedom to victory over fascist dictatorship and Japanese militarism.
He argues that - then as now! - the role of the US was determined not by idealism, but by the interests of the big American corporations, who made a lot of money, first by collaborating closely with Hitler's regime, and then by producing the weapons needed by the US and its Allies to win the war against the German dictator.
His analysis counters the many myths that have been fostered about why the US decided to fight alongside Great Britain and the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany; it also explains why, after the supposedly "good war" ended in 1945, the US has never ceased to fight wars big and small, hot and cold, culminating in the present, universal and never-ending "war on terrorism."